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Design thinking – a new mental model of value innovation

Brian Leavy

As value innovation becomes a core top management concern, there is a growing recognition that “design thinking,” or the creative principles long associated with the

How successful organizations strategically manage their analytic talent

Jeanne Harris, Elizabeth Craig, Henry Egan

Because analytics are increasingly becoming a key source of competitive advantage, attracting, engaging and retaining analytical talent and building an organizations'

Drucker's strategic thinking process: three key techniques

Dale E. Zand

The astute observations of Peter Drucker – seminal management thinker, author and consultant who died in 2005–have influenced the strategic thinking of managers for

Kiechel's history of corporate strategy

Robert J. Allio, Robert M. Randall

In this paper aims to interview Walter Kiechel III about his book, The Lords of Strategy: The Secret Intellectual History of the New Corporate World, and the lessons it

IBM 2000 to 2010: continuously transforming the corporation while delivering performance

Jim Bramante, Ron Frank, Jim Dolan

The strategic initiative IBM undertook to resurrect itself after the era of a decade ago provides meaningful lessons for other multinational corporations looking

How to escape the differentiation proliferation trap

Richard D'Aveni

In our hypercompetitive times, product and service differentiation may start out as value innovation but end up as too many similar choices for customers. The risk of this

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