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How did strategic planning help during the economic crisis?

James W. Wilson, Soren Eilertsen

The purpose of this paper is to understand the extent to which organizations were prepared for the economic crisis, the nature of responses, and factors that might explain

Shared leadership: from rivals to co‐CEOs

Maria Arnone, Stephen A. Stumpf

As businesses confront a world of increasing complexity, some global organizations have responded by placing co‐CEO's at their helm, judging that the demands of the job

Competing through co‐creation: innovation at two companies

Venkat Ramaswamy

This paper aims to discuss how two innovative firms – the French telecommunications firm Orange and the California‐based global networking firm Cisco – have gained

Masterclass: how innovation in “product language” can overturn markets – the power of emotion‐focused design

Brian Leavy

Leading CEOs have put innovation at the forefront of their agenda for most of the last decade, but they have come to realize that it can take many forms, with different

Design thinking: achieving insights via the “knowledge funnel”

Roger Martin

The purpose of this paper is to explain how, in the future, the most successful business innovation efforts will balance analytical mastery and intuitive originality in a

Disney's Marvel acquisition: a strategic financial analysis

Joseph Calandro

The purpose of this paper is to assess the value and risks of Disney's 2009 $4 billion acquisition of the Marvel Entertainment Group (Marvel) in a case study utilizing the

Narrative vs PowerPoint: for leaders, it may not be a matter of fact

Michael Carriger

This paper aims to argue that narratives, skillfully deployed by senior leaders in an organization, can be a very effective tool for creating, disseminating and executing

Better decisions

Stew Early

Stew Early is a principal of Early & Associates, a strategic management consulting firm in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ( and a Contributing Editor of Strategy &

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