Strategy & Leadership: Volume 38 Issue 1


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The Persistence Project: seeking to advance the art of “success study”

John Sterling, Robert M. Randall

“The Persistence Project” – an ambitious new research project led by two Deloitte Consulting veterans, consultant Mumtaz Ahmed and noted author Michael Raynor – seeks to

Scenario planning for economic recovery: short‐term decision making in a recession

Patrick B. Marren, Peter J. Kennedy

In light of the increased level of uncertainty in the economy, and the need for companies to make critical short‐term strategic and tactical decisions under these

Five tools to prepare for future discontinuities

Jim Singer, Jeff Piluso

Because most observers ordinarily view the future as an extrapolation of current trends, they are unprepared for discontinuities. The paper aims to urge that leaders

The smarter supply chain of the future

Karen Butner

The aims of this paper is to show how supply chains can become a lot smarter to deal effectively with risk and meet business objectives.

How to explore for innovation on your organization's strategic frontier

J. Douglas Bate

Corporate innovation efforts frequently suffer from a lack of strategic focus and alignment between innovation teams and senior executives. The identification of a

The sharing imperative

Bala Chakravarthy

This paper aims to explain how undue emphasis on unit accountability can foster parochial behaviors and silo thinking that drive out inter‐unit cooperation. It also aims

Seven lessons for building a winning brand in China

Paul F. Nunes, Susan A. Piotroski, Lay Lim Teo, R. Michael Matheis

As Chinese consumers become more affluent, their expectations about what a brand should deliver are rising. To better understand the challenges facing companies that want

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