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Encouraging front‐line employees to rise to the innovation challenge

Naveed Moosa, Patiwat Panurach

In the search for innovation, front‐line employees are usually not encouraged to be part of the creative team, even though they may have fresh ideas and genuine insights

Value 2.0: eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies

Matt Porta, Brian House, Lisa Buckley, Amy Blitz

Business “rules” (for the way value is created) are rapidly evolving, necessitating transformational change. The confluence of several factors – the Internet, innovative

Challenging the advantages of scale: disposable factories and strategies

George Stalk

The paper aims to examine the views of noted consultant George Stalk, who turns economy of scale strategies upside down by suggesting disposable strategies.

A conversation with George Stalk about “disposable strategies”

Robert M. Randall

This interview aims to discuss how the disposable model can also be applied to many other aspects of business. In fast‐changing environments, any number of a business's

Learning the advantages of sustainable growth

Darrell Rigby, Suzanne Tager

The paper aims to consider why leading companies – such as Toyota, GE, Timberland and Starbucks – regard environmental sustainability as a strategy to create growth and

Using value‐chain analysis to discover customers' strategic needs

David W. Crain, Stan Abraham

The paper aims to offer a five‐step method for discovering a customer's particular strategic needs based on a unique application of value‐chain analysis.

How leading companies are stretching their strategy

Nicolas Kachaner, Michael S. Deimler

This paper aims to identify how leading companies are improving their strategy‐development processes to keep up with the transformations in the global competitive

A better way to design loyalty programs

Janet L. Hoffman, Eric M. Lowitt

The US retail industry seems headed toward a zero‐sum game, a place where growth comes from taking customers away from competitors. This paper aims to present three steps

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