Strategy & Leadership: Volume 36 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Corporate renewal

Five ways to transform a business

Osvald M. Bjelland, Robert Chapman Wood

For half a century, experts have offered leaders a standard model of how to transform organizations. It involves unfreezing them, developing a clear picture of the future

Sun Ray's struggle to overcome innovation trauma

Jay Moldenhauer‐Salazar, Liisa Välikangas

Until now there has been little attention paid to the emotional costs of innovation failures, and in particular, how prior innovation failures hinder subsequent new

How El Al Airlines transformed its service strategy with employee participation

Ram Herstein, Yoram Mitki

The purpose of this case study is to trace the process by which the new management of an airline company sought to implement a premium service strategy and to assimilate

The Sears acquisition: a retrospective case study of value detection

Joseph Calandro

This paper introduces the base‐case‐valuation pattern, which is derived from the modern Graham and Dodd valuation methodology, and it demonstrates how that pattern could

The eight principles of strategic authenticity

B. Joseph Pine, James H. Gilmore

As more companies wrap their offering with “an experience,” it is important that experience authenticity is understood to be a critical consumer sensibility. This paper

Defending corporate reputation from litigation threats

Helio Fred Garcia, Anthony Ewing

Class action litigation has the potential to severely damage the image customers have of a company (brand), often with calamitous consequences for its strategy. Such risks

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