Strategy & Leadership: Volume 36 Issue 2


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A conversation with Gary Hamel: it's time to reinvent management

Robert J. Allio

Gary Hamel, world renowned strategic thinker, has adopted the controversial position that “Management is the single largest constraint on business performance.” S&L wanted

How leaders can use powerful narratives as change catalysts

Stephen Denning

Modern leaders need to encourage their organizations to thrive on innovation and embrace opportunities to do things differently. Based on the author's experience training

Tools for converting consumers into advocates

John Blasberg, Vijay Vishwanath, James Allen

Executives need a more advanced tool for examining consumers' loyalty, one that provides a sharper, more precise view. this paper aims to introduce such a tool.

The battle of the value chains: new specialized versus old hybrids

Gillis Jonk, Martin Handschuh, Sandra Niewiem

The paper aims to identify examples of the challenges posed to established firms in various industries as new fronts of specialization emerge.

How to develop a customized corporate energy strategy

Bill Ralston

Corporations need a structure for thinking through the development of a new energy/environment strategy and the business implications of different strategy alternatives

A strategic approach to overhead management

Josh Lee, Margaret Covell

The average company spends 23 cents out of every dollar of revenue on overhead, yet most firms lack a plan or system for aligning the with their strategic goals. This

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