Strategy & Leadership: Volume 36 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: The counter‐offensive against low‐cost and disruptive competitors

Hitting back: strategic responses to low‐cost rivals

Jim Morehouse, Bob O'Meara, Christian Hagen, Todd Huseby

No company is safe from low‐cost rivals. Almost overnight, nimble low‐cost competitors can exploit their offshore advantage, partnerships, and inexpensive technologies to

Taiwan's bicycle industry A‐Team battles Chinese competition with innovation and cooperation

Jonathan Brookfield, Ren‐Jye Liu, John Paul MacDuffie

This case aims to examine how Taiwan's bicycle industry has persevered against increasingly severe competitive challenges from Chinese companies. The Taiwan firms have

A plan for a US newspaper industry counterattack against disruptive innovators

John Sterling

Firms offering a variety of disruptive innovations – for example, – are successfully undercutting the traditional newspaper business model; this paper aims

Interview with growth consultant Chris Zook: a less risky path to business model innovation

Alistair Davidson, Brian Leavy

Creating a fundamentally different business in the shadow of the old one – while its assembly lines continue to roll – is a daunting challenge. Bain consultant Chris Zook

The leader's dilemma agenda

Alex Lowy

The paper aims to analyze how the best leaders articulate a crucial issue that contains trade‐offs and risk and then blaze a new path for their group or organization. This

Collaborative innovation throughout the extended enterprise

Lawrence Owen, Charles Goldwasser, Kristi Choate, Amy Blitz

To innovate, many high performing firms are collaborating beyond their organizations – with their extended networks of suppliers, customers, business partners and others

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