Strategy & Leadership: Volume 35 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Bad leaders: cures and preventions

Why leaders lose their way

Bill George, Andrew McLean

The authors sought the answer to the question, “Why do so many developing leaders either fail to reach their full potential or cross the line into destructive or even

Bad leaders: how they get that way and what to do about them

Robert J. Allio

The author argues that the causes of this current epidemic of bad leadership include the leaders' personality disorders, akrasia (weakness of will), flawed values, and

Exploring the distinctions between a high performance culture and a cult

Bert Spector, Henry Lane

Challenges the popular explanation for Enron's failure as being simply about financial reporting or criminal behavior and offers a more subtle and complex explanation.

Guidelines for CEO‐speak: editing the language of corporate leadership

Joel H. Amernic, Russell J. Craig

The paper highlights the strategic importance of being alert to the power of the language and words used by CEOs in their various communications – their CEO‐speak.

Winning new customers using loyalty‐based segmentation

Rob Markey, John Ott, Gerard du Toit

The article shows how to combine loyalty and segmentation tools to define attractive new customer segments.

Emotional interactions: the frontier of the customer‐focused enterprise

Robert Heffernan, Steve LaValle

Describes how companies can make managing the emotional expectations of customers the frontier of the customer‐focused enterprise.

The off‐line imperative

Jean‐Louis Barsoux, Preston Bottger

This paper highlights the importance of executives taking a timeout to reflect – and to build that habit into their work routines.

Periscopic media tour

Craig Henry

Over a two‐month period, the editor of this media review has searched worldwide for the most interesting and useful articles, blogs and books on the topic of strategic management.

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