Strategy & Leadership: Volume 35 Issue 1


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Connecting strategy and competitive intelligence: refocusing intelligence to produce critical strategy inputs

Liam Fahey

To refocus intelligence professionals toward the development of a short set of critically important outputs that can serve as inputs to strategy making – irrespective of

Intelligence teams

Liam Fahey, Jan Herring

To show how teams can be used to do intelligence work – all phases of the work from data collection through to development and deployment of the final intelligence outputs.

How strategic innovation really gets started

Robert Chapman Wood

Explains (using a model and cases) how companies that lack a capability for continual strategic innovation can bring one into existence.

Finally, a strategic way to cut unnecessary SKUs

Bob Byrne

The article offers a radically different and truly strategic approach to SKU optimization.

Reaping value from intellectual property: DuPont's strategic approach achieves global growth

John Sterling, Charles D. Murray

Explains how companies can learn from the best practices DuPont uses to aggressively manage its intellectual property and grow its licensing revenues.

Preparing for China's next great leap

Orit Gadiesh, Paul di Paola, Luca Caruso, Oi Chung Leung

Alert global firms that China plans to become an incubator for top companies rather than simply a low‐cost manufacturing base.

Othersourcing: technological outsourcing

Arnold Brown

Increasingly over the next decade corporate leaders will have to deal with the political and social fallout of othersourcing – the ability to have work done by robots and

Periscopic media tour

Craig Henry

Over a two‐month period, the editor of this media review has searched worldwide for the most interesting and useful articles, blogs and books on the topic of strategic management.

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