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The model for integrating strategy and intelligence: the Executive Intelligence Officer

Mark Little, Liam Fahey

The paper contends that a major reason for the persistence of the gulf between strategists and intelligence is the absence of an intelligence‐focused executive position at

Ten steps to get more business value from knowledge management

Stephen Denning

As firms once again come to see knowledge management as central to having an effective, efficient organization, executives should address the problem of how the firm can

Using tactical intelligence to help inform strategy

Martha Culver

The purpose of this article is to show how operationally specific, “down in the trenches” competitive intelligence can help inform and contribute to a much higher‐level

Interview: the leader's handbook to the future

Robert M. Randall

Bill Ralston and Ian Wilson have written a unique resource for corporate leaders – The Scenario Planning Handbook: Developing Strategies in Uncertain Times

Using scenarios to improve marketing

Andrew Curry, Gill Ringland, Laurie Young

The paper explains how scenarios can be used to create alternative models of markets in way that is useful to marketing managers and the product development team.

How leaders use Zero‐Gravity Thinkers to stimulate innovation

Cynthia Barton Rabe

The paper aims to ask “Why is repeated innovation success so elusive?” The conclusion being that there is ample evidence to suggest that the hard‐won experience and best

Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg on redefining value in health care: an interview

Alistair Davidson, Robert M. Randall

The aim of this paper is to discover the views of Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg on redefining value in health care.

Recruiting and educating a board that can add value to strategy

Stewart Early

Most strategists would likely agree with the statement that company boards need to have a good understanding of corporate and business unit strategy in order to contribute

Periscopic media tour

Craig Henry

Over a two‐month period, the editor of this review has searched worldwide for the most interesting and useful media articles on the topic of strategic management.

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