Strategy & Leadership: Volume 34 Issue 5


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Leading the vigilant organization

George S. Day, Paul J.H. Schoemaker

The authors posit that most organizations lack sufficient capacity to detect, interpret and act on the critically important but weak and ambiguous signals of fresh threats


How to combat a culture of excuses and promote accountability

Jeff Grimshaw, Gregg Baron, Barry Mike, Neill Edwards

The authors offer a leaders' guide to assess accountability problems, “take away excuses,” and promote a culture of accountability.


Complexity: customization's evil twin

Bob Anderson, Christian Hagen, Joe Reifel, Eric Stettler

Many companies in many industries find themselves dealing with an over abundance of custom‐designed products, services and IT functions. Such complexity becomes


Business alliances at Eli Lilly: a successful innovation strategy

Gary Stach

Eli Lilly's director of alliance management tells how the company has learned to make a success of its partnership strategy.


IBM's global CEO report 2006: business model innovation matters

George Pohle, Marc Chapman

To ascertain whether the choices CEOs were making about particular types of innovation and key enablers had any correlation with financial performance, IBM looked at a


The golden spur: innovation independence

Liisa Välikangas, Quintus Jett

The authors argue that the “freedom to explore” factor is essential to innovation. And innovation is essential to sustained competitiveness. Today's leadership challenge

Wizard and warrior: neglected leadership roles

Lee G. Bolman, Terrence E. Deal

In many companies, executives function as either the analyst or the caregiver. The authors believe there are two more appropriate leadership roles – wizard and warrior.


Leading through belief: managing the power of hope

Andrew Razeghi

Leaders have long understood the importance a belief system has on the productivity of their team. The authors explain how can such an intangible motivational force be


Blue oceans, temporary monopolies, and lessons from practice

Stan Abraham

This report on the Fifth Annual Conference of the Association of Strategic Planning (ASP), “Strategy in action: lessons from practice,” was held in Long Beach, California…


Periscopic media tour

Craig Henry

Over a two‐month period, the editor of this review has searched worldwide for the most interesting and useful media articles on the topic of strategic management for the

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