Strategy & Leadership: Volume 34 Issue 4


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Strategic thinking: the ten big ideas

Robert J. Allio

Classifying and evaluating the central ideas of strategic management (the basic tools for managers) is an ambitious project. Judging them by their impact, utility, and

Beyond the core in retail

Michael Collins, Marc‐André Kamel, Kristine Miller

The analysis discovered three principles that could lift a retailer's success in doubling the industry's overall average. It found that those retailers who repeatedly

The emerging threat of Asia's corporate tigers

Vishrut Jain, Sandeep Malik, Judith Cruickshank

Every businessperson has repeatedly heard myriad reports and newscasts about the huge market opportunity in Asia. But western business managers will be caught flat‐footed

Building and protecting corporate reputation

Peter J. Firestein

A risk to reputation is a threat to the survival of the business, but senior executives seldom focus on it.

Building an innovative organization: consistent business and technology integration

Marc Chapman

The IBM 2006 CEO study (which interviewed 765 CEOs, business executives and public sector leaders) took a comprehensive global look at a topic that is increasingly

Making the case for the added‐value chain

Wayne McPhee, David Wheeler

Porter's value chain has been a keystone of strategic analysis. However, because of processes associated with economic globalization: outsourcing, brand marketing and

Periscopic media tour

Craig Henry

Over a two‐month period, the editor of this review has searched worldwide for the most interesting and useful media articles on the topic of strategic management for the

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