Strategy & Leadership: Volume 34 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Creating value with customers

The practice of co‐creating unique value with customers: an interview with C.K. Prahalad

Brian Leavy, Deependra Moitra

Strategy & Leadership asked the originator of the concept of co‐creation of unique value with customers to explain how it works in theory and practice.

The customer‐led bank: converting customers from defectors into fans

Cornel Wisskirchen, Dirk Vater, Tim Wright, Philippe De Backer, Christine Detrick

To show that retail bank executives across the world are awakening to a realization that long‐term growth and profitability hinge on their ability to attract and retain

Gaining 3‐D customer insight to drive profitable growth

Ron Langford, Kraig Schulz

This article aims to introduce a more comprehensive approach to generating customer insights that can improve almost any organization's ability to drive profitable

How technology‐driven business strategy can spur innovation and growth

Saul J. Berman, Jeff Hagan

The aim of this article is to show how technology‐driven business strategy can offer some distinct advantages.

Profiting from evidence‐based management

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Robert I. Sutton

This article advocates for evidenced‐based management and aims to demonstrate how it works.

Measuring the value of human capital investments: the SAP case

Susan Cantrell, James M. Benton, Terry Laudal, Robert J. Thomas

Over the past three years Accenture developed and applied a new measurement tool that assesses the maturity of an organization's human capital development processes

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