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How successful companies challenge conventional wisdom about the limits to growth

Vivek Kapur, Jeffere Ferris, John Juliano, Saul J. Berman

Growth is the top priority on the CEO agenda, but the question they confront is “What factors constrain growth?” And, “How do successful companies drive growth?”

Value pioneering – how to discover your own “blue ocean”: interview with W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Brian Leavy

To study blue ocean strategy (value innovation management), which not only reframes the strategic challenge – from competing to making the competition irrelevant – but

A right‐of‐way strategy

Edie Weiner, Arnold Brown

To show how managing the right‐of‐way asset, a lesson the railroads didn't learn when they gave or bartered it away in the nineteenth century, will be a key to business

Pricing strategy and execution: an overlooked way to increase revenues and profits

Alistair Davidson, Mike Simonetto

This article advocates putting pricing strategy on the CEO's agenda and considers the new concept of pricing execution – the development of pricing strategy and the

Using scenarios to create common understanding across different cultures

Gill Ringland

A High Level Expert Group (HLEG) was set up to consider the topic of converging technologies and to propose to the European Union how to approach it. But the group soon

How two Japanese high‐tech companies achieved rapid innovation via strategic community networks

Mitsuru Kodama

To produce rapid innovation, Japanese companies have learned to manage strategic communities for new product development. These communities require the merging and

A sourcing strategy for enhancing core capabilities

Mark Gottfredson, Stephen Phillips

Most companies focus on using outsourcing to achieve cost cutting. This article urges them instead to consider outsorcings potential for capability enhancement.

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