Strategy & Leadership: Volume 33 Issue 5


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Stretching strategic thinking

Stan Abraham

This author reminds us that strategic thinking is a critical part of every manager's job. Because strategy implies competing and outwitting competitors, so it follows that

Retail in 2010: a world of extremes

Joseph L. Gagnon, Julian J. Chu

Advises retailers that traditional strategies will not be adequate to cope with trends such as unprecedented customer diversity, market polarization and dominant

Visible options

Jane C. Linder

Evaluating the potential payoff of an individual project in a portfolio, especially an innovative product development initiative, is a chronic problem with no satisfying

Different leadership skills for different innovation strategies

Jean‐Philippe Deschamps

CEOs facing the challenge of stimulating innovation must select one or more champions to entrust with that critical mission. Selecting the right manager who will have the

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida implements a system for measuring and reporting alliance performance

Bridget Booth, Reneé Finley, Matt McCredie

Like many other organizations undertaking strategic alliances, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. (BCBSF) needed to effectively monitor alliance activities, or

Metrics to successfully manage alliances

Larraine Segil

To show how the key to successfully managing alliances is developing and implementing alliance metrics.

Reengineering: the second time around

Jim Champy, Joe Weger

Companies are once again launching large reengineering projects. Will they repeat the mistakes of the reengineering boom of the nineties? Two veterans offer guidance

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