Strategy & Leadership: Volume 33 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Special report on innovation

Guest Editors: Dan Knight, Robert M. Randall

Why the best and brightest approaches don't solve the innovation dilemma

Steve Denning

Highlight the management dilemma disruptive innovation poses and examine what the leading management theorists have to offer as a solution.

Strategic frontiers: the starting‐point for innovative growth

J. Douglas Bate, Robert E. Johnston

To encourage top management to recognize the need for adding new value to their organizations and commit to the creation of new internal capabilities for growth via the

Interview with Henry Chesbrough: innovating innovation

Robert J. Allio

Ask an expert to describe an innovation system that enables companies to successfully advance valuable technologies that fit their current business model – and those that

Discovering significant and viable new businesses: have faith in strategic planning basics

Andrew Campbell

Managers need research‐based guidance on how to find sources of new growth when their core business is maturing.

Technology brokering and innovation: linking strategy, practice, and people

Andrew Hargadon

The author has spent the last ten years studying the innovation process in modern organizations and found that the most successful firms pursue an innovation strategy

Metrics for innovation: guidelines for developing a customized suite of innovation metrics

Amy Muller, Liisa Välikangas, Paul Merlyn

During the past year, the authors have built a framework for a suite of metrics that senior managers can customize to track and promote innovation success in their companies.

Integral leadership: overcoming the paradox of growth

Michael Putz, Michael E. Raynor

To make top management aware of the innovation paradox: their current success depends on doing and improving upon what they now do well, but their future success requires

Improving the creativity of MBA students

Mary C. Pinard, Robert J. Allio

Describes how The F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College features creativity as one of the early and essential components of its innovative two‐year MBA program.

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