Strategy & Leadership: Volume 32 Issue 6


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How to grow, no matter what: S&L interviews Michael Treacy

Daniel J. Knight

This article provides insights on how organizations can succeed when managers make organic growth a paramount focus of their organization. Consultant and author Michael…

Exploring the strategic risk frontier

Adrian Slywotzky

This article urges executives to expand their view of risk. Instead of just defending against bad risk events, leading companies define and anticipate the upside risks…

Outsourcing strategies: opportunities and risks

Brian Leavy

Managers in developed countries are increasingly interested in outsourcing as a potential source of competitiveness and value creation. There has been a growing awareness…

Outsourcing as a strategy for driving transformation

Jane C. Linder

This article demonstrates how a few leading edge companies have successfully implemented an outsourcing strategy to drive radical change and enterprise transformation. A…

Lost in migration: offshore need not mean outsourced

Simeon Preston

Too often large corporations assume that migrating operations offshore requires outsourcing them to another company. Global outsourcing is not always a better alternative…

Case study: Outsourcing enables American startup to enter Japanese funeral services industry

Kenneth Alan Grossberg

American business models have been used as levers to open many industries in Japan to participation by foreign firms, from toy retailing to fast food restaurants and from…

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