Strategy & Leadership: Volume 31 Issue 3


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One CEO’s product development motto: care for innovations like newborns!

Lotfi Belkhir, Liisa Välikangas, Paul Merlyn

Will your company be like so many “one‐hit” wonders that failed because of their inability to adapt through innovation? Many companies meet this fate. Management…

“Experience rules”: a scenario for the hospitality and leisure industry circa 2010 envisions transformation

Marvin Erdly, Lynn Kesterson‐Townes

During the next decade and beyond, hospitality and leisure companies will embrace business models that focus on mass customizing travel experiences. As a result, in 2010…

Russell L. Ackoff, iconoclastic management authority, advocates a “systemic” approach to innovation

Robert J. Allio

Think tank dynamo Russell L. Ackoff advocates that managers scrap the way they normally approach problem solving in general and innovation in particular. He champions a…

Translating strategy into effective implementation: dispelling the myths and highlighting what works

John Sterling

Several reasons are frequently offered to explain (or to justify) failure to implement strategy. Some are valid but many have merely gained credibility from being repeated…

Achieving an M&A’s strategic goals at maximum speed for maximum value

Orit Gadiesh, Charles Ormiston, Sam Rovit

When merging two companies, after the deal is signed the CEO faces few challenges more risky than integrating the businesses to capture maximum value. Speed is essential…

Two merger integration imperatives: urgency and execution

Arthur Bert, Timothy MacDonald, Thomas Herd

Today, with years of corporate experience in managing mergers and acquisitions, there is little excuse for deals that don’t create value. Regrettably failure is the case…

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