Strategy & Leadership: Volume 29 Issue 2


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Becoming a digital business: ‐ it’s not about technology

Adrian Slywotzky, David Morrison

Many senior executives equate “going digital” with specific phenomena such as the advent of the personal computer, the proliferation of e‐mail, the growth of enterprise…

Making friends with disruptive technology: ‐ an interview with Clayton M. Christensen

Clay Christensen

In this interview, the author of The Innovator’s Dilemma reviews his theory of how businesses are affected by disruptive technology. Most business leaders are aware of…

Business value analysis: ‐ coping with unruly uncertainty

Russell Thomas

Traditional return on investment analysis techniques like discounted cash flow (DCF) and net present value (NPV) fall short of providing adequate decision support in…

Velocity management: ‐ creating organizational instinct

Pierre Mourier

Executives who hope to succeed in the new millennium must learn to manage in ways that are a quantum leap from the manner in which they have been managing. The basis for…

Are you your troops?

Gerald A. Kraines

Leadership, at its best, leverages other people’s full potential The L.E.A.D. program follows neither the old command‐and‐control style of management nor the more laissez…

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