Strategy & Leadership: Volume 27 Issue 6


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Wisdom of the CEO: An interview with Grady Means

Grady Means

In this interview, Grady Means describes the context within which today's businesses must operate and the steps key business leaders are taking to ensure their success in…

Leading as a team

Robert J. Thomas

This article deals with the difficulty of creating a “leadership team.” Increasingly, organizations are finding it unworkable for a single almighty leader at the top to…

Introducing a grass‐roots model leadership

Horst Bergmann, Kathleen Hurson, Darlene Russ‐Eft

Many changes that have taken place in the work environment during the last 15 years have brought the challenges and opportunities of leadership dawn from the pedestal of…

The New HP way: Covering strategy with diversity leadership development and decentralization

Robert M. Fulmer, Philip A. Gibbs, Marshall Goldsmith

The authors present a case study of how Hewlett‐Packard is changing its culture under the direction of its new chief executive Carly Fiorina. Fiorina says her challenge is…

A psychological analysis of leadership effectiveness

Lorne Hartman

Leadership research has been characterized by narrowly focused studies with little integration of findings from the different approaches. This article summarizes a study…

Executive leader coaching as a strategic activity

Lee Smith, Jeannine Sandstrom

This article explores the strategic validity of executive leader coaching. The authors offer the definition of executive coaching and the distinguishing factors of this…

Implementation: Key to organizational change

Martin E. Smith, Pierre Mourier

Large‐scale change efforts are most likely to fail during the implementation phase. Implementation refers to the activities that take a design and make it operational…

Political realities in strategy

Paul N. Avakian

With strategy, it is better to imitate the powerful rather than the common or imaginary — and if one applies Machiavelli's clinical stance of cold reality to analyzing the…

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