Strategy & Leadership: Volume 27 Issue 2


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Easing into knowledge management

Charnell Havens, Ellen Knapp

It's official! The Internet reveals Knowledge Management (KM) as one of the hottest management topics on companies' agendas. A recent search showed more than 37,900 web…

Knowledge transfer: Discover your value proposition

Carla O'Dell, C. Jackson Grayson

Does managing and transferring knowledge really work? Absolutely. Dramatic results for a growing number of companies—large and small, private and public—have encouraged…

Discontinuous innovation and the growth paradox

Soren M. Kaplan

“To understand that a technology — and the company whose future success depends on it — will eventually face the end of its lifecycle inspires urgency for, and commitment…

Performance measures for increasing intellectual capital

Daniel J. Knight

“Leveraging intellectual capital requires a company to become a knowledge‐based organization and to revise its performance measures accordingly.”

Leveraging your hardwired intellectual capital

Marlane Miller

“Zinging along genetically hardwired neural pathways are each individual's potential and the potential for the future of every organization”

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