Strategy & Leadership: Volume 26 Issue 5


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The end of stategy

In a 1996 Harvard Business Review article, Michael Porter wrote that “developing a strategy in a newly emerging industry or in a business undergoing revolutionary…

Y2K leading through the unknowns of Y2K

Margaret J. Wheatley

“No one can predict the extent or nature of the disruptions that Y2K will cause. Yet the list of potential consequences from the failure of computers and embedded…

Can you align IT with business strategy?

Karin Bruce

Firms today seek sustainable competitive advantage through their ability to provide a dynamic and unique mix of product, pricing, promotion, distribution channel, and…

Corporate surety: A lifeline to survival

Glenn W. Kuswa

Natural disasters, computer break‐ins, malevolent individuals, and terrorists threaten society at large and could destroy profitability or bankrupt a corporation. Less…

Reinventing value: The new business ecosystem

Gajen Kandiah, Sanjiv Gossain

Over the last century, our economy—whether based on agriculture or industry—has been predicated on supply. That is, consumers could choose from only the quantities that…

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