Strategy & Leadership: Volume 26 Issue 1


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The second curve: Managing the velocity of change

J. Ian Morrison

Many corporations in America today are facing a dilemma. They are moving along on their first curve of growth, but they have a sneaking suspicion that what they're doing…

Perpetual strategy a 21st century essential

Kirk W.M. Tyson

It's a fairly accepted fact that competition will become even more intense in the 21st century than it is today. As we move forward from the Information Age to the…

Strategic processes in fast‐cycle environments

John C. Camillus, Richard T. Sessions, Ron Webb

In today's highly dynamic, unpredictably changing business environment, traditional strategic‐planning approaches are of doubtful value. In 1995, the American Productivity…

The future trends discontinuities, and opportunities

Audrey Schriefer

If an oracle could predict the next forty years with perfect accuracy, what would you do with the information? As the pace of change in the business environment continues…

Beyond strategic planning to organization learning: Lifeblood of the individualized corporation

Christopher A. Bartlett, Sumantra Ghoshal

People are innately curious and, as social animals, are naturally motivated to interact and learn from one another. Over thousands of years, families, clans, and…

Ethical business intelligence is NOT Mission Impossible

Bill Fiora

Business intelligence is one of the fastest growing disciplines in corporate America. To many, however, the words conjure up images of trench coats and meetings in back…

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