Strategy & Leadership: Volume 25 Issue 3


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Beyond goods and services: Staging experiences and guiding transformations

“Beyond the world of goods and services lies the world of experiences and transformations—distinct economic offerings with implications for the strategic fortunes of giant…

Building value: Customer and shareholder

Alan S. Cleland, Albert V. Bruno

We all constantly witness breathtaking turns in the fortunes of business enterprises, both large and small. Virtually every issue of the Wall growth suddenly halts or…

The realities of web‐based electronic commerce

Malcolm Frank

Today, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the continual waves of hyperbole that come from the computer industry with each new technological innovation. For decades…

New directions and new strategies for selling

Neil Rackham

The corporate world is in the midst of a significant shift in business strategy. It's a shift so visible that it seems almost trite to catalog it. The management gurus who…

Putting the “Custom” in customer with database marketing

Steven Stern, Douglas Barton

What is a customer? By simple definition, a customer is one who purchases goods from another, but it stems from the word “custom” where an individual habitually patronizes…

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