Strategy & Leadership: Volume 25 Issue 1


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Capturing value in five moves or less: The new game of business

Adrian Slywotzky, Fred Linthicum

In 1984, IBM was viewed as the most powerful corporation in the world. Ten years later, it was struggling to survive, while what had been an entrepreneurial…

People‐first strategies get implemented

Arthur D. Wainwright

“People are our most important asset.” That phrase has become a virtual management mantra in recent years. In truth, however, most organizations still treat employees as…

Leading change: A conversation with John P. Kotter

John P. Kotter

For years we have talked about managing change, now it's leading change. Why the shift?


A four‐cycle approach to strategy development and implementation

William C. Finnie

Effective strategy development and planning is an organization's most powerful means of controlling its destiny. Strategy is simply the management of change—the…

Ffulfilling the strategic promise of shared services

Leland I. Forst

The downsizing efforts of corporate America over the past fifteen years have largely focused on reducing staff. While the objectives of slashing overhead and boosting…

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