Strategy & Leadership: Volume 24 Issue 4


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Organizing for the 21st Century

Thomas W. Malone, Michael S. Scott Morton, Robert Russman Halperin

In 1994, MIT's Sloan School of Management began a global initiative to explore the future of organizations. This initiative was a joint venture between the Sloan faculty…

Virtual Organizations: The future is now

Hanswerner Voss

About two years ago, a working group of MIT faculty developed two coherent scenarios for desirable organizations of the future. These scenarios were preliminary “seeds” to…

Self‐organization: The irresistible future of organizing

Margaret J. Wheatley, Myron Kellner‐Rogers

Why do so many people in organizations feel discouraged and fearful about the future? Why does despair only increase as the fads fly by, shorter in duration, more costly…


The 5 compasses of strategic leadership

Ian H. Wilson

Times change and, with them, our approaches to strategy and its execution. In the 1970s, strategic planning was the corporate mantra in most companies. But as we moved…


New roads to job opportunity: From middle manager to real change leader

Jon R. Katzenbach

Head count reduction, downsizing, and the elimination of middle management jobs—“Is that all there is?” To many middle managers, Peggy Lee's classic ballad rings painfully…

Release the entrepreneurial hostages from your corporate hierarchy

Christopher A. Bartlett, Sumantra Goshal

As competitive pressures increase, top‐level managers in many companies have recognized the need to rebuild initiative, creativity, and drive in the front‐line units of…

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