Handbook of Business Strategy: Volume 7 Issue 1



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Employee disengagement: is there evidence of a growing problem?

Richard Pech, Bret Slade

The article discusses employee disengagement, a phenomenon where employees are at work but are minimizing their work contribution.

Managing for strategic success in emerging markets

Usha C.V. Haley, George T. Haley

To develop a strategic model for effective management that incorporates aspects of strategic decision‐making from both industrialized and emerging markets.

Mastering the dynamic nature of modern strategy

Mark H. Daniell

To improve the quality of strategy development and implementation in a large or small enterprise.

Strategic opportunities at the intersection of globalization, technology and lifestyles

Sanjit Sengupta, Jakki Mohr, Stanley Slater

In this article, we discuss four “hot” strategic opportunities for the next three‐five year time frame arising from globalization and technology trends and present…

Competitive strategy in a global industry: tourism

Xavier Font, Richard Tapper, Janet Cochrane

This paper demonstrates how the tour operating industry must take responsibility of the sustainability of its suppliers as part of the quality expected by tourists, in…

How to become an effective – bias‐free – decision‐maker in an increasingly global economy

Philip A. Wickham

To make strategists aware of decision biases and their potential impact on effective strategic decision‐making.

Strategic marketing’s global challenges and opportunities

David Cravens

Strategic marketing is confronted with an array of global challenges and opportunities at the beginning of the twenty‐first century. Some opinion leaders question the role…

Managing virtual project teams: how to maximize performance

Palitha Kuruppuarachchi

I was responsible for delivering a Radio Systems Development program. The program totalling over A$20 million was undertaken in the country NSW, Australia, over a…

Beyond advertising: why people are the new media

Scott Degraffenreid

To identify and explain the causative factors in the ongoing and chronic decline of general advertising effectiveness.

CRM and customer service: strategic asset or corporate overhead?

Alan Smith

To provide practitioners of management a sense of the importance of strategically leveraging the customer relationship management (CRM), which has been growing since the…

Twelve steps to CRM without eating an elephant

Stephen E. Lipka

Implementing customer Relationship Management systems and processes can be a daunting task, particularly when it is viewed as an all‐or‐nothing proposition. There is, in…

The life, death and resuscitation of brands

Jonathan Groucutt

Purpose – By using the metaphor of the human life cycle this paper examines some of the longevity issues of branding. The paper also explores how brands can be…

Relationship marketing: why bother?

Tracy G. Harwood, Tony Garry

This paper provides a general review of relationship marketing, its application to a business‐to‐business context and examines reasons for its failure.

From strategy to e‐strategy: lessons from two success stories

Efthymios Constantinides

This paper examines the strategic approach of two exemplar internet firms belonging to the first generation of dot.coms. The analysis identifies and compares their…

Ulcer‐free product development

Darrell Mockus

To help people who are responsible for product management to avoid risks that often derail a product. Increase the success of a product by making better decisions.

The role of marketing intelligence officers in strategy formulation and implementation

Peter R.J. Trim, Yang‐Im Lee

This article highlights the role that marketing intelligence officers need to fulfill if they are to assist marketing strategists in a broad range of duties. The marketing…

The high‐performance organization: making good decisions and making them happen

Paul Rogers, Marcia Blenko

To demonstrate that high performance in organizations results from their being decision‐driven.

Strategic innovation: a new perspective on strategic management

Anders Drejer

The purpose of the paper is to define the emerging concept of strategic innovation.

Hoshin planning: strategy of a different kind

Mohamed Zairi

One of the key miracles of Japan’s success in dominating international markets for such a long period of time is their approach to strategic planning. This article talks…

Managing risky business: the case of Jardine Matheson & Company

Carol Connell

Jardine Matheson & Company is a Hong Kong multi‐industry conglomerate that has gone through political upheaval, global and regional economic crises, and has survived and…

Winning through strategic communities: a case study

Mitsuru Kodama

Aims to provide new practical viewpoints regarding the knowledge management and leadership theory of corporate innovation through an in‐depth case study.

From hindsight to foresight in strategic cost management

Jan Emblemsvåg

To show how we can turn cost management practices around and look forward, concentrate on managing risks and costs before they occur.

Making strategic planning work: a case study of Countrywide Financial

Eric Flamholtz, Stanford Kurland

Strategic planning is a misunderstood and maligned managerial tool. Most organizations have tried it but relatively few actually achieve success in strategic planning.

Enhancing strategic capital

Peter Smith

This paper provides managers with the understanding and means to assess and exploit the impact of influence‐related social factors on strategic planning and implementation.

The ethics of business strategy

Fred Hansen, Michele Smith

This chapter examines the linkage between strategy and ethics in business.

Breakthrough performance: a way out of predicaments

Joseph A. De Feo

Identify breakthroughs that must occur and a step‐by‐step process that will enable organizations to achieve improved and sustained results.

Leadership decisions: issues to consider in the global environment

Erwin Rausch

This article is intended to explain a conceptual model that can help to make higher quality decisions in management and in other situations where domestic or international…

A major mistake that managers make

Russell L. Ackoff

One does not learn from doing something right; one already knows how to do it. By doing something right one gets confirmation of what one already knows but no new…

Getting engaged: an inclusive approach to strategy development

David Calfee

Purpose – To share with your readership a new approach to engaging an organization in strategy development while also aligning the strategy with the desired culture…

Management by values (MBV): a new philosophy for a new economic order

Simon L. Dolan, Bonnie A. Richley

This paper is aimed at presenting a conceptual model of managing by values (MBV) as an important philosophical and practical framework for leaders and managers of…

A strategic framework to achieve stellar results

Mary Lippitt

Present the selection of strategy as a new filter for examining leadership effectiveness.

Strategic roles for model leaders

Donald W. Mitchell

Define the unique aspects of the roles that the leaders have played in the most successful organizations.

Why today’s corporate cultures must change

Dean Robb

This article examines how certain historical forces – the scientific revolution and “scientific management” – have created a legacy of organizational “design DNA” that can…

Metrics that matter: seven guidelines for better performance measurement

Michael Allio

Most strategies stumble in the implementation phase. This article outlines a market‐validated process, and practical guidelines, for deploying well‐calibrated metrics to…

Reframing the rules of value creation: leading through identity

Larry Ackerman

The purpose of this article is to show how organizations become strategically more efficient when they are managed through the lens of identity.

Four learning approaches to enhancing employee productivity

Deborah Dorsett

The purpose of this article is to inform employers of the benefits of a learning analysis model. By studying the way employees learn and adjusting teaching methods…

High involvement management and human resource line sustainability

Paul J. Gollan

This article will outline a number of issues for organizations to consider when pursuing sustainable high performance workplace outcomes through high involvement…

The role of executive coaching in performance management

Barbara Kaufman

The purpose of this article is to identify circumstances under which executive coaching is and is not an appropriate performance management tool. Alternative performance…

Toward zero management learning organizations

Ted O’Keeffe

To determine the percentage of organizations that have moved beyond best practice and lean manufacturing toward zero management learning organizations.

The configuration of long‐term executive directors incentive schemes

Christopher Pass

The Article seeks to identify the configuration of executive directors conditional option and LTIP arrangements used to align the interest of the company’s directors and…

Adopting new technologies

Alberto Carneiro

This article intends to contribute to a better understanding of the reasons why some organizations have almost completely ignored the need to adopt new technologies or…

Web accessibility: guidelines for busy administrators

Sheryl Burgstahler

The purpose of this article is to guide administrators in making their organizations web sites accessible to people with disabilities.

Improving the performance of technology partnerships: a case study in the Turkish textile industry

Dilek Cetindamar, Bülent Çatay, O. Serdar Basmaci

Collaboration is an advantageous strategy for technology‐based competition. Thus, it is of high concern to understand mechanisms behind the success of collaborations such…

Embedded ethics: how to build better IT mousetraps

David H. Gleason

To help the reader understand how the ethics of management decisions become embedded into technology systems.

Supply chain effectiveness: strategy and integration

Brian Leavy

Supply chain effectiveness has never been more important to commercial success. Yet, the overall experience to date has been disappointing for too many companies. This…

Strategic management lessons from e‐commerce

Maris G. Martinsons

This study aimed to explain the high failure rate of e‐commerce ventures.

Getting your infrastructure components to work together

Renate Rooney

The purpose of this article is to help companies successfully align their strategies with their people, processes and technologies to achieve effective integration and…

Realizing the business benefits of enterprise IT

Amir M. Sharif

The development and implementation of IT/IS systems inherently requires a deep understanding of user requirements. However, experience shows that a key barrier to the…

Communication strategies in the age of accountability

Andrew Pharoah

To help executives understand the communications implications of the current climate and devise successful strategies. To promote a better understanding of the importance…

Guidelines for managing dispersed teams: enhancing communication and productivity

Peggy M. Beranek

To provide information to managers on training geographically dispersed teams to enhance communication and productivity.

Paradoxes of culture: how to make more accurate interpretations

Roger Bell

The purpose of this article is to address a problem I have experienced over many years teaching culture classes to undergraduates, MBA and working managers, who may…

The importance of constituency management

Bob Pagano

Today, many companies manage their corporate reputation in a reactive or ineffective way. Bad press, damaging rumors, and public outrage over corporate scandals has…

High performance organizations: creating a culture of agreement

Stewart Levine

The paper is written for the purpose of providing insight and understanding of organizational culture – how and from what does it develop, and how can you consciously…

Kazoo while you work: transforming people skills for the conceptual age

William Protzmann

To highlight the need for a new paradigm for business thinking as the information age matures and white‐collar jobs shift to lower cost providers overseas

Strong communication skills a must for today’s leaders

Deborah J. Barrett

This article is designed to help senior managers be better leaders by being better communicators. The article explains my original concept of “leadership communication”…



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