Handbook of Business Strategy: Volume 4 Issue 1



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Why Work‐Out Works: Lessons from GE's Transformation Process

Ron Ashkenas

GE's Work‐Out process enables a kind of communication that's often missing in large, complex, global organizations.

Futurists' Fallacies: Common Errors in Long‐Range Planning

Patrick B. Marren

Why do respected planners so often fail to predict seismic events? Here are some reasons, and a better way to plan: scenario planning.

Transformative Strategic Planning

Paul Cooperstein, Bart Barthelemy

Strategic planning isn't just about making up a to‐do list Here's a planning process that can transform an organization's culture.

The Role of Interdependence in Strategic Collaboration

David R. Preston

As Ben Franklin sald, We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

How to Place Your Strategic Bet

Fred Hansen, Michele Smith

A good strategy has a clear strategic bet, one that you can articulate so that everyone understands.

Portfolio Management in Practice

Dianne N. Bridges

Here's how top firms are using portfolio management processes to maximize their projects‘ fit, utility, and balance.

Strategic Planning for the Middle‐Market CEO

Alfred Jay Moran

Here are six tips for avoiding common mistakes in middle‐market strategic planning.

Strategies for Playing the Business and Societal Game

Richard A. McGowan, John F. Mahon

Game Theory has become an integral part of the business school curriculum, but the popular business press ignores it. Here's a crash course.

Governance and Performance

Willy A. Sussland

With boards under fire, now would be a good time to take a a broader and better balanced approach to corporate governance.

How to Find, Hire, and Work with Consultants

William T. Mooney

Use a nine‐phase process in every consulting relationship.

How to Create the Right IT Strategy for Your Firm

Brad Nicolaisen

Developing a stable and predictive IT structure to support changing business conditions is critical for long‐term success.

Building an Innovation Engine

Darrell K. Rigby

Here's a three‐part blueprint for building processes for innovation—disruptive innovation—into your organization.

How to Hold Effective Brainstorming Sessions

Frederick D. Buggie

Brainstorming shouldn't be a free‐for‐all—there are some rules to follow to ensure effective results.

How to Accelerate Time to Market Acceptance

Ameeta Soni

Emphasize customer focus and collaboration.

Five Steps for Making the Merger Work

Myrna Hellerman

The employees of merging firms typically adopt an unproductive “us” and “them,” “mine” and “yours” mentality. Here's how to get to “ours.”

Managing the Effects of Divestiture and Layoffs on Employees

C. Gopinath

How employees react to layoffs after a divestiture depend on how they perceive the fairness of the deal.

When Cultures Collide: Merging Two Pension Plans

Dan Cassidy

The merged pension plan should reflect the merged firm's culture.

Enhancing Performance through Knowledge Management

Anne P. Massey, Mitzi M. Montoya‐Weiss

Approach knowledge management one business process at a time.

A New Approach for Implementing Systems and Managing Change

Ted Margison

Here's an approach to implementing a new system gradually so it won't be a shock to the organization.

A CEO's Nightmare: High‐Performance Lessons from the Edge

David Hofrichter

Learn these lessons about how bankrupt companies turn themselves around before you're anywhere near the brink.

Leadership Development on the Job

Katie Beavan, Terry Lockhart, Keith Michaelson

Who has time to send senior managers off on leadership retreats anymore? Make them learn by doing.

Why Strategies Fall Apart: The CEO/Culture Disconnect

William E. Schneider

A strategy that doesn't fit the organizational culture will fail in the long term—and too many CEOs don't understand their own firms' cultures.

Taking a Quantum Leap: Revitalizing Leadership with Modern Physics

Douglas A. Saarel

Successful leaders can recognize and handle the reality of random and chaotic influences that send others headlong into disaster.

What Keeps CEOs Awake at Night?

Sarah Layton

Nine issues that the press overlooks.

The Story of an Effective Senior Team Development Process

Amy Skolen, Dan Paul

Here's how the new president of the fictional Alpine Corp. changed his corporate culture and forged a unified, effective senior management team.

The Truth About Stock Option Repricings

Catherine M. Daily, Dan R. Dalton

Are they an effective executive retention strategy? Studies say no.

Training the Watchdogs

Michael Rosenbaum

Directors need on‐the‐job training in order to deliver real value to their corporations.

Effective Diversity Management

James O. Rodgers, Maureen Hunter

Diversity management isn't about managing for a group identity. It's about managing for the individual.

How to Avoid Behavioral Bottlenecks

Bill Wagner

Sure, intelligence, skills, and talent are important. But it's more important that an executive has the personality type to match the job's behavioral requirements.

Team Building On Task

Jerie McArthur

You can keep coaching during the game.

Jump‐Starting High‐Performance Teams

Randi S. Brenowitz

Give teams clear goals, a model for success, and constant support.

We Just Fired Our Best People

George Elliott

When you reduce the work force, you also must reduce the work.

How the Resilient Corporation Competes

Rajeev Mahajan

The Resilient Corporation survives adversity by refusing to follow the pack.

A Snapshot of Best Practices in Supply Chain Management

Robert Moncrieff, Sheila Gailius, Paul Ibarra

Most tech companies place more emphasis on the operational aspects of their supply chain than on the overall strategy that governs them.

Leveraging Supply Chain Expertise

Leland I. Forst

Managing the supply chain with a leveraged service delivery unit creates quantifiable strategic value.

Back to Basics When Minding the Store

Paris Gogos

Retail chains can take a “mom and pop” approach to their individual stores by viewing them as “central hubs” to all supply chain activities.

Leveraging Wireless Technologies

Brad Nicolaisen, Michael C.J. Cowpland

If you're looking to create a wireless communication strategy, you don't have to create new infrastructures to support it.

Rethinking Value‐Based Management

Eric Olsen

Value‐based management theories have fallen short in practice, especially when it comes to investor strategy.

Targeting Performance

James A. Knight

You may think you're doing well by hitting your performance targets, but if the underlying target‐setting process is flawed, you could be seriously underperforming.

Hard Metrics, Soft Design

Karen Donoghue

Whether launching new e‐business or managing current e‐business, drive profitability through the user experience.

Take Management Cues from Supply Chain Metrics

Joseph Roussel, Amanda Jenkins, Paul Ibarra

While most companies have scorecards for customer service, purchasing, and manufacturing, few track cross‐functional supply chain metrics to support ongoing supply chain…

Brand Metrics: The Key to Building Brand Strength and Value

Jeff Smith

Brand metrics are more than just a vehicle to gauge success. They are a vehicle to guide success.

The Economics of Software Licensing

Newt Fowler

Here's a guide to valuing, pricing, and negotiating payment arrangements for software—whether you're the licensor or licensee.

Brand Architecture as a Strategic Weapon

Michael Petromilli, Stephen Berman

Companies commonly view brand architecture as primarily a tactical, one‐time exercise. But it can be the means to drive both greater top‐line growth and bottom‐line performance.

Keeping Your Brand Fit When Times Are Tough

Connie Birdsall

Here are a few lessons on realizing brand efficiencies in tough times.

Increase Your Company's ROI from Database Marketing

Mary Larson, Todd Eckler

Enhance your database marketing by incorporating insight into why customers behave as they do and how you can influence that behavior.

The ROI of CRM: Marketing as an Investment

Richard Hochhauser

CRM offers a different strategy for measuring business success, one focused squarely on customers.

Call Center Customer Service Management

Charles E. Day

Call center technology has become very sophisticated. But it's only as good as the employees who use it.

Out of the Boardroom and Into Practice: From Mission to CRM

Peggy Carlaw, Kurt Friedmann

Develop an “experience” brand that takes missions out of boardrooms and puts them into the hands of front‐line employees.

Web Analysis from Clickstream to Customer

Scott Cotter

Avoid becoming another CRM casualty by adopting an ROI‐based customer analytics strategy.

The 10 Keys to New Product Success

Craig R. Stokely

Consider these 10 keys to creating and nurturing a culture that will provide a continuous flow of new products.



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