On the Horizon: Volume 9 Issue 2


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Peer‐to‐Peer Networking and Lifelong Learning

David Pearch Snyder

A discussion on how file sharing software can assist communications between teachers and students. Explains how Peer‐to‐peer networking can benefit education and improve student…

The Impact of Globalization

Tom P. Abeles

This editorial looks at some of the forces that are acting on the university, both internally and externally. We look at the impact of globalization in this article.


Challenging the Feudal Mind: Alternative Futures for the University

Sohail Inayatullah

Discusses whether, in ten years, campus‐based, nation‐funded, local student oriented universities will exist, and introduces the notion of huge multinational players into the…

Assessing Distributed Competence Software and Performance Base Learning

Arthur Harkins, George Kubik

This is the third of seven reports on the development of software to support performances in which learning takes place. We will introduce a school administrator study population…

Angels in Cyberspace

Angels in Cyberspace

This is a deliberately provocative article, about publishing research online and hosting encouraging discussion about online academic work.

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