On the Horizon: Volume 8 Issue 4


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Lawyers in Love

Carol A. Twigg

A discussion of the impact of the internet on the provision of education. Starts by looking at how, in the music industry, control of property rights has been taken over by what…

Time, Faculty and the Academy

Tom Abeles

Looks at the changing face of education and where it is going. Sees many changes brought about as the global economy develops, IT moves on apace and there’s a widening range of…

Turn On the Natural Gifts of Learners

Paul R. Scheele

Looks at different teaching methods and what works for some young people in schools – relevance, allowing the learner to comprehend the higher purpose of learning, and, involving…


Cognitive Arts Aims for New E‐Learning Paradigm

Adam Newman

An advertorial for a company that supplies e‐learning. Tells us a little about the courses they develop and the benefits of them.


Is More Planning Better?

David Brock

Strategic planning in general – not specially within an educational context. It poses the question about choice of planning method and offers an answer that it all depends on the…


Reinventing the Community College

Kenneth P. Walker

A discussion of the changing role of community colleges in the US. Should they follow the baccalaureate path, offer four year courses, etc? Suggests that the colleges have to…


Knowledge Management in Universities: A Strategic Approach

David Rooney

Understanding knowledge management in a higher education environment – knowledge as an intangible, social and ephemeral process cannot be directly “managed”.

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