On the Horizon: Volume 21 Issue 4


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Inverting priorities

Tom P. Abeles

The purpose of this editorial is to argue that investments in early childhood intervention will bring greater than market returns to society and that there should be a resource


The state of a university: a campus President's view

Robert A. Scott

This paper aims to illustrate one method of using the “State of the University Address” to inform and motivate faculty and staff.


Alternative scenarios for BRAC University

Sohail Tahir Inayatullah, Shakil Ahmed, Pushpita Alam, Susan Davis, Syed Hashemi

This article aims to present the scenarios, visions and strategies that resulted from a three day foresight workshop for BRAC University in Rajendrapur, Bangladesh.

“Parlez‐vous français?” Issues in publishing for French academics

Fanny Lauby

This paper aims to look at the choices made by academics in terms of publishing, with an emphasis on French scholars. As “publish or perish” has become the norm in many countries


Supporting English learners with participatory augmented reality simulations

Don Davis, Matthew Berland

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the possible merits and difficulties of utilizing participatory augmented reality simulations (PARS) with English learners (ELs) in K‐12


Got the MEMO? Management education is moving on

Joan Marques

The aim of this paper is to present the author's findings from eight conferences, organized over the course of four years by two major management education organizations in the

A plea for systemic change in education

Michael Gilbert

Columbus set out to prove the world was round. Today, Thomas Friedman posits the “world is flat.” The reversion reflects the complexity of today's world and an interdependent


Using the past to predict the future: what futures are documented for higher education?

Simon Stephens

As people again consider what the future holds for higher education, this paper aims to provide a review of the futures documented for higher education. Authors including McNay;


Innovation pedagogy and desired learning outcomes in higher education

Juha Kettunen, Liisa Kairisto‐Mertanen, Taru Penttilä

The purpose of this study is to describe the desired learning outcomes of innovation pedagogy which supports innovations and regional development in higher education.

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