On the Horizon: Volume 19 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Education and the New Normal

Is “free” really “good”?

Tom P. Abeles

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the less than purposeful shift in post‐secondary education models and the implications for the institution, faculty and students.


Pedagogy and praxis: simulations and skill sets

Susan B. Pettine, Kevin A. Cojanu, Kimberly Walters

The purpose of this paper is to examine the expectations of human resource management professionals as they relate to reality‐based learning experiences that can shape college


Prosocial behaviour in avatar‐mediated interaction: the influence of character gender on material versus emotional help‐giving

Mika Lehdonvirta, Vili Lehdonvirta, Akira Baba

Research on prosocial behaviour shows that help‐giving differs between the sexes. Gender role theory posits that males specialise in material aid, while females specialize in


Evaluation of the importance of professional competences: the case of Spanish trainers

Xhevrie Mamaqi, Jesus Miguel, Pilar Olave

Education and training are critical factors for achieving the Lisbon strategy's objectives of encouraging economic growth, competitiveness and social inclusion in the European


Museums and the future of education

Scott Kratz, Elizabeth Merritt

The US educational system is on the cusp of transformational change. Signals that the current educational structure has been destabilized include rising dissatisfaction with the


Towards developing an ethical institutional brand

Puja Khatri, Yukti Ahuja Sharma

The purpose of this paper is to develop a perspective that ethical practices in higher education institutions can be a powerful tool for branding and attaining competitive


A time‐based blended learning model

Anders Norberg, Charles D. Dziuban, Patsy D. Moskal

This paper seeks to outline a time‐based strategy for blended learning that illustrates course design and delivery by framing students' learning opportunities in synchronous and


Inter‐institutional collaboration for new integrative teaching programs

Nadin Dörner, Felicitas Morhart, Oliver Gassmann, Torsten Tomczak

This paper presents an inter‐institutional collaboration project. The project's goal was to develop a new teaching program that fosters pre‐university innovation and

Ask, don't tell: can it work for K‐12?

Stacy Becker

This purpose of this paper is to review Marc Prensky's book Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning.


Has post‐secondary education reached a tipping point?

Tom P. Abeles

The purpose of this paper is as follows: this is a short excursion into the changing world of post‐secondary education through a review of two books: Reinventing Higher Education

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