On the Horizon: Volume 18 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Evolution of 21st century knowledge workers

Guest Editors: Francesco A. Calabrese

Evolution of twenty‐first century knowledge workers

Francesco A. Calabrese

The purpose of this paper is to convey background and historical settings on the evolution of knowledge management research and practices since the late 1990s in programs of The


The Wizard of Oz Effect and a new Emerald City

Paul Villano

The purpose of this paper is to develop three key concepts to the future of knowledge work: knowledge work is a natural, ever‐changing process – not something that can be

Next generation job title: knowledge productivity coach – must be able to work virtually

Patrice Jackson, Candace Cole, Isabel Lazar, Leah Morell

This paper aims to describe knowledge productivity coaches and the approach Lockheed Martin has taken to ensure that its employees have the knowledge and skills needed to utilize

Knowledge work 2020: thinking ahead about knowledge work

Dan Holtshouse

This is the knowledge age and, to put it in Peter Drucker's language, knowledge workers and their knowledge are a vital component of this economy. Yet, so little is really known


Knowledge has legs: personal knowledge strategies shape the future of knowledge work and knowledge management

Gabriele McLaughlin, Michael Stankosky

The purpose of this paper is to mobilize organizations to look at knowledge management through the lens of the individuals whose knowledge they covet and to seek to leverage in


The future of knowledge work: predictions for 2020

Jennifer Watts Perotti, Patricia Wall, Gabriele McLaughlin

This paper aims to describe findings from a study of current leading edge knowledge workers and to discuss the challenges and issues that knowledge workers may face in 2020, as


The emotionally intelligent leader, the dynamics of knowledge‐based organizations and the role of emotional intelligence in organizational development

James D. Hess, Arnold C. Bacigalupo

The leader of the knowledge‐based organization is faced with the continuing dilemma of delivering the highest quality and most technologically innovative products or services at


Knowledge workers, servant leadership and the search for meaning in knowledge‐driven organizations

Milton Correia de Sousa, Dirk van Dierendonck

The purpose of this paper is to present a meaning‐based framework to understand the motivation of knowledge workers and an effective leadership model that suits that framework.


Multidimensionality: building the mind/brain infrastructure for the next generation knowledge worker

Alex Bennet, David Bennet

The purpose of this paper is to develop a new understanding of the multidimensionality of the knowledge worker of the future, and develop an approach to building the mind/brain

Values as knowledge: a new frame of reference for a new generation of knowledge workers

Joyce Avedisian, Alex Bennet

From the frame of reference reflecting on values as knowledge, this paper aims to explore future organizational values that resonate with characteristics of a increasing change

Future leaders: putting learning and knowledge to work

Rudolph Garrity

The purpose of this paper is to share findings and offer insight on putting organizational learning and knowledge to work in future organizations.


Literature review: a representation of how future knowledge worker is shaping the twenty‐first century workplace

Diana Acsente

The purpose of this paper is to share findings from a literature review conducted during ongoing scholarly research on the characteristics of knowledge workers. This paper aims to

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