On the Horizon: Volume 16 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: The library and the internet

Guest Editors: Boria Sax

Shift happens

Tom P. Abeles

The purpose of this editorial is to ask the question as to whether the current “cohort” model of education, particularly in the USA, can survive in an internet connected world. It


The library and the internet: introduction to the special issue

Boria Sax

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the special issue of On the Horizon, which is devoted to the next wave of innovation in online education; analyzes the traditional


Constructing the café university: teaching and learning on the digital frontier

Cornel J. Reinhart

This paper aims to examine changes occurring in the organization and delivery of learning at the level of higher education, and argues that it is now possible to envision the


Can we talk? Course management software and the construction of knowledge

Carla R. Payne, Cornel J. Reinhart

This paper aims to explore the question: how well do course management systems (CMS) support constructivist pedagogy; how well do they support conversation?


Adaptive individualization: the next generation of online education

Nish Sonwalkar

Despite the predictions and expectations that the online education will become a “killer app” and with major impact on education, the first generation of online education has led

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