On the Horizon: Volume 13 Issue 3


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All professors as philosophers; not, all philosophers as professors

Tom P. Abeles

The function of college degrees in general, and PhDs, in particular, seems increasingly, to serve as a measure of certification and, in some instances, control for entrance into a


International networks in higher education: realising their potential?

Roger Ottewill, Paul Riddy, Karen Fill

To illustrate the nature, range and variety of international networks linking individuals and institutions and reflecting the globalisation of higher education and desire of


A process model for educonsulting

Steven C. Dunn, Dale Jasinski, Matthew O'Connor

The rapid rise of corporate universities, online degree programs, and the explosive growth in executive education all serve as signals to universities that the concept of a

Reflection as a key component in faculty development

Patti Clayton, Sarah Ash

Reflection is key to learning from experience, including the experience of teaching. Aims to investigate whether critical reflection is as important in faculty development as it


“Our greatest untapped resource”: putting unused computer cycles to work for education

Marc Prensky

The objective of the paper is to investigate computer processor cycles as an untapped resource in the field of education.


The hothouse effect: a model for change in higher education

Barton Kunstler

To present a model of innovative change in higher education based on research into the factors behind the performance of highly creative historical communities.

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