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Digital signature management

Vesna Hassler, Helmut Biely

The Digital Signature Project (ELU‐project) is coordinated by the STUZZA, a subsidiary of the leading Austrian business banks. The aim of the project is to establish an…


The Internet and the independence of individuals with disabilities

Caroline Grimaldi, Tanya Goette

This study examines the role of the Internet and its usage on the level of perceived independence among people with physical disabilities. A questionnaire was posted on the…


The marketing of gambling on the Internet

Clare Brindley

It is estimated that gambling on the Internet will be worth as much as $3bn by 2001. Gambling via interactive technology is already underpinned by two recent changes in consumer…


Telecommunication and information infrastructures in the Botswana and SADC development strategy

Thomas J.O. Afullo

By 2016, Botswana aspires to triple its 1994 per capita income and to completely diversify its economic base. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) objectives, as…


Evaluating domestic and international Web‐site strategies

Roblyn Simeon

This paper presents the AIPD approach to the evaluation of commercial Web sites within or across borders. The author explains how benchmarking techniques can be used to compare…


The authors of academic library home pages: their identity, training and dissemination of Web construction skills

Beth Evans

This article reports on a study designed to identify the authors of academic library home pages and to investigate the nature of their training and their use of newly‐acquired Web…

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