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Consumer cost differences for traditional and Internet markets

Troy J. Strader, Michael J. Shaw

In this paper we address research issues related to the economics of electronic, Internet‐based markets. First, what are the consumer cost‐based differences for traditional and…


Corporate Web sites in traditional print advertisements

Carol J. Pardun, Larry Lamb

This study attempts to better understand how marketers are creating bridges between traditional advertising and the Internet. As such, it describes the Web presence in print…


The changing role of community networks in providing citizen access to the Internet

Thomas P. Keenan, David Mitchell Trotter

This article examines the changing role of community network associations or “freenets” in providing Internet access by examining the case of the Calgary Community Network…


Going with the flow: Web sites and customer involvement

Deon Nel, Raymond van Niekerk, Jean‐Paul Berthon, Tony Davies

This paper investigates a structure of commercial Web sites, and then attempts to analyse various patterns that emerge which may be of future use as a guideline to businesses that…


Searching the Web: a survey of EXCITE users

Amanda Spink, Judy Bateman, Bernard J. Jansen

Web search services are now a major source of information for a growing number of people. We need to know more about how users search Web search engines to improve the…


Jamaica: a World Wide Web profiler

Chee‐Wai Ho, Angela Goh

The Internet has caused an information explosion and created a need to efficiently determine the relevance of information. This paper describes a system named Jamaica, which…

A knowledge‐based approach to domain‐specialized information agents

Seng Wai Loke, Leon Sterling, Liz Sonenberg

Finding specific information on the Web can be difficult and time‐consuming due to the Web’s tremendous size and the current speed of network connections. Information agents that…

Semantic processing performance of Internet machine translation systems

Paul A. Watters, Malti Patel

The Internet has the potential to facilitate understanding across cultures and languages by removing the physical barriers to intercultural communication. One possible contributor…

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