Internet Research: Volume 8 Issue 5


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A semantic modeling approach to metadata

Terje Brasethvik

States that heterogeneous project groups today may be expected to use the mechanisms of the Web for sharing information. Metadata has been proposed as a mechanism for expressing…

A client‐side Web agent for document categorization

Daniel Boley, Maria Gini, Kyle Hastings, Bamshad Mobasher, Jerry Moore

The authors propose a client‐side agent for exploring and categorizing documents on the World Wide Web. As the user browses the Web using a usual Web browser, this agent is…

Co‐ordination of mobile information agents in TuCSoN

Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli

The increasing need to access and elaborate dynamic and heterogeneous information sources distributed over the Internet calls for new models and paradigms for application design…

Internet technology to run workflows

Christoph von Uthmann, Mario Speck

The existing, and still evolving, Internet technologies have, up to now, only been used for paper‐free distribution and hypermedia presentation of electronic documents. But…

An Internet‐based framework for federated process support

Giacomo Piccinelli Floriana Marcello, Gabriele Zugliani

The coupling of process‐centered environments (PCEs) with distributed object architectures like COM, CORBA and Java opens up an unprecedented range of possibilities in terms of…


Shared semantics and the use of organizational memories for e‐mail communications

David G. Schwartz

Examines the use of shared semantics information to link concepts in an organizational memory to e‐mail communications. E‐mail is by far the dominant business application of the…


Facilitating designer‐customer communication in the World Wide Web

Tuomo Tuikka, Marko Salmela

Introduces a way to design geographically distributed virtual prototyping, a new Internet technology, in order to facilitate designer‐customer communication in the product…


ADDE: Application Development for the Distributed Enterprise

Marcel Franckson, John Hall, Alfred Helmerich, Rafael Cañadas, Martin Dehn

Application Development for the Distributed Enterprise (ADDE) is a methodological set that supports design of distributed business processes and ICT systems. ADDE provides a…

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