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Identifying effectiveness criteria for Internet payment systems

Tae‐Hwan Shon, Paula M.C. Swatman

The Internet, since its commercialisation, has expanded with tremendous rapidity. This development has been still further assisted by the creation of the World Wide Web, which has…


The effectiveness of commercial Internet Web sites: a user’s perspective

Hudson Bell, Nelson K.H. Tang

The main thrust of this article is to discuss a survey of 60 companies, predominantly from the user’s perspective, that use the Internet currently; and to examine the…


Small and mid‐sized businesses and Internet use: unrealized potential?

Paula J. Haynes, Richard C. Becherer, Marilyn M. Helms

The findings of a study by Auger and Gallaugher (1997), in addition to suppositions and anecdotal evidence provided in a number of articles, suggest that there may be key areas of…


A security framework for online distance learning and training

S.M. Furnell, P.D. Onions, M. Knahl, P.W. Sanders, U. Bleimann, U. Gojny, H.F. Röder

Considers the requirement for information security within thedomain of online distance learning. A generic modulestructure is presented which represents a high level abstractionof…


Electronic digests in scientific communication

T.W. Ng

There are two basic forms of scientific communication: discussion and publication. In both forms, electronic versions have appeared over the Internet to challenge the viability of…


File not found: the problems of changing URLs for the World Wide Web

S. Mary P. Benbow

Explores the issue of changing URLs and provides a brief analysis of the degree to which change is occurring. Examines the range of potential solutions and provides discussion…


Inclusive management

Dave Garrett

Discusses the use of a corporate Internet in a geographically‐spread consulting firm, James Martin & Co., to share ideas, vision, client information and results. Illustrates with…

Global delivery of education via the Internet

George K. Kostopoulos

Describes the issues associated with global delivery of education via the Internet, as well as the academic, technical, administrative, instructional, and behavioral…

Evaluating Internet information services in the Asia‐Pacific region

Paul A. Watters, Maya F. Watters, Stuart C. Carr

States that there has been a trend for publications in the Asia‐Pacific region to move to a combined print and electronic medium, in an effort to achieve the goals of social…

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