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Applying Chaos Theory to school reform

Richard Wertheimer, Mario Zinga

This paper is a case study of the ideology, strategies and process of the Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh project in its attempt at school reform in an urban school district. The…


Web page design and network analysis

Hakman A. Wan, Chi‐wai Chung

This research project looks at problems in Web site design from the perspective of network analysis. In view of the similarity between the hypertext structure of Web pages and a…


Qualitative investigation of an e‐mail mediated help service

Karla Hahn

Many organizations are developing e‐mail mediated help services, although the implications of using e‐mail for client service are not yet fully understood. A qualitative study of…

Internet use by university students: an interdisciplinary study on three campuses

Timothy T. Perry, Leslie Anne Perry, Karen Hosack‐Curlin

This study sought to determine if differences exist among various age groups regarding students’ use of the Internet. Surveys were administered to 548 students from three regional…


Developing an intranet: tool selection and management issues

David C. Chou

Intranet adopts the same information technology that the Internet utilizes for network processing with the exception of system boundaries. Moving corporate systems onto an…


Essai: weaving postmodernism

Pierre Berthon, Constantine Katsikeas

As more and more organizations establish their presence on the World Wide Web, the question of interacting in the new medium presents challenges to practitioners and academics…


Differential effects of occupation on Internet usage

Thompson S.H. Teo

Although there has been much publicity about the Internet, empirical research focusing on it is still relatively sparse. Most research on the Internet has been carried out in…


A framework for effective commercial Web application development

Ming‐te Lu, Wing‐lok Yeung

The World Wide Web (WWW) or the Web has been recognized as a powerful new information exchange channel in recent years. Today, an ever‐increasing number of businesses have set up…


Content design frameworks for Internet Studies curricula and research

R. William Maule

This article examines instructional frameworks for university‐level education in Internet content design. Examined are academic constructs, philosophies and strategies from two…

Marketing opportunities in the digital world

G. Reza Kiani

With the birth of the World Wide Web, the current decade has witnessed tremendous evolution in the media environment, and indicates that electronic commerce, defined as the…

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