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IT and university libraries in Africa

Diana Rosenberg

Based on the findings of a detailed review of the current state and future prospects of 19 university libraries in 12 countries of Africa undertaken in 1995, levels of adoption…


A framework for evaluating Internet telephony systems

Schubert Foo, Siu Cheung Hui

An Internet telephony system functions like a conventional telephone to support real‐time voice communication over the Internet. Numerous proprietary systems have surfaced since…

Investigating the future of Internet regulation

Heidemarie Westphal, Elizabeth Towell

The Internet, which began as a communication network controlled by the US Government, is a free and open international information superhighway. The number of Internet users and…


Commercial WWW site appeal: how does it affect online food and drink consumers’ purchasing behavior?

Gregory K. White, Barbara J. Manning

This paper reports the results of a recent online survey of consumer attitudes toward selected US online storefronts marketing barbecue sauce, cheese, olive oil, and potato chips…


A user‐based design process for Web sites

Eileen G. Abelse, Marilyn Domas White, Karla Hahn

This paper reports on Phase II of a two‐part project to identify and implement user‐based design criteria in World Wide Web sites. The test site is a Web page for the academic…


Mapping Africa’s initiative at building an information and communications infrastructure

Amos P.N. Thapisa, Elizabeth Birabwa

The article explores Africa’s initiative at building a regional plan for the formulation and development of a National Information and Communication Infrastructure (NICIP) in…


Extending common knowledge

Robert D. Carlitz, Mario Zinga

Common knowledge: Pittsburgh is a school networking project which is developing network connectivity and curricular applications in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. With its…

Legal considerations of Internet use ‐ issues to be addressed

Daphyne Saunders Thomas, Karen A. Forcht, Peter Counts

With an estimated over 40 million Internet users all over the world, things that once happened only in “real life” are starting to occur in this virtual world. This Internet, just…


Creating an online library to support a virtual learning community

Eric Sandelands

Describes how an independent business school, International Management Centres (IMC), has created a virtual library in partnership with database publisher Anbar Electronic…

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