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Get linked or get lost: marketing strategy for the Internet

Alicia Aldridge, Karen Forcht, Joan Pierson

Develops detailed marketing strategy recommendations for online commerce based on the general popularity of the Internet, the unique nature of doing business there, and how its…


Motivations for and barriers to Internet usage: results of a national public opinion survey

James Katz, Philip Aspden

Analyzes a national random telephone survey, carried out in October 1995, on the motivations for and barriers to Internet usage. Eight percent of the random sample reported being…


The Internet in the context of cross‐cultural management

Jon Franklin Ramsoomair

Documents the sequence of steps taken in setting up a cross‐cultural management course, and making extensive use of the Internet to add to the reality of the experience for…


Business use of the Internet

Annamaria Feher, Elizabeth Towell

Examines current and planned practices and the major benefits of communication‐intensive information system applications. The Internet, once a government‐controlled, tax‐supported…


Cyberspace pornography: problems with enforcement

Daphyne Saunders Thomas

Considers that, in addition to all the positive attributes of the Internet, negatives are bound to emerge. Negative influences include the ability of children to access…


Approaches for resolving dynamic IP addressing

Schubert Foo, Siu Cheung Hui, See Wai Yip, Yulan He

Knowledge of the Internet Protocol (IP) address is essential for connection establishment in certain classes of synchronous distributed applications, such as Internet telephony…

The use of the Internet for business: the experience of early adopters in Singapore

Christina Soh, Quee Yong Mah, Fong Jek Gan, Daniel Chew, Edna Reid

Focuses on business firms in Singapore, identifying the industries in which the Internet is being used for business. These firms are early adopters in the local environment where…

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