Internet Research: Volume 5 Issue 4


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The Hundred Years War started today: an exploration of electronic peer review

John Peters

Discusses electronic peer review of academic papers on the Internet. Looks at the changes which may occur with the shift from paper to electronic media. Proposes some guidelines…

Design of an Internet‐based system for remote Dutch auctions

Todd E. Rockoff, Michael Groves

Outlines the principle of the Dutch auction, whereby the price begins at a high level and decreases by steps until a bid is made. Describes an integrated hardware and software…

ALIBI: a novel approach to resource discovery

David Flater, Yelena Yesha

Provides a new answer to the resource discovery problem, which arises because although the Internet makes it possible for users to retrieve enormous amounts of information, it…

Design and implementation of a campus computer ethics policy

Michael A. Covington

As the set of people using computers becomes larger and less cohesive, it is becoming important to educate users about their ethical responsibilities. Design of an effective…

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