Internet Research: Volume 5 Issue 3


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Information retrieval from the Internet: an evaluation of the tools

Monica Brinkley, Mary Burke

Evaluates the principal tools available for the retrieval ofinformation from the Internet, e.g. Hytelnet, Archie, Gopher, WAIS, andthe World Wide Web (WWW). Principally…


Internet law comes of age

Derick Martin

Looks at the beginnings of Internet law in the UK. Examines twotraditional areas of law which are currently coming under pressure inthe English legal system – defamation and…


Internet conferencing with networked virtual environments

John F. Towell, Elizabeth R. Towell

Describes a networked virtual environment, a type of virtualreality most commonly known as a “MUD” or a“MOO”, which was used at an internationally‐attendedscientific conference…


Security issues and concerns with the Internet

Karen A. Forcht, Richard E. Fore

Draws its topicality and relevance from the fact that not only isthe Internet widely publicized in all the media but also there are manystories regarding problems with its…


Getting close from far away: zoos on the Internet

S. Mary P. Benbow

Provides a guide to the increasing number of zoos and associatedsites now using the Internet. Investigates the multiple roles of theInternet for zoos, their staff and visitors, in…

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