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How leaderboard positions shape our motivation: the impact of competence satisfaction and competence frustration on motivation in a gamified crowdsourcing task

Kibbeum Na, Kwanghee Han

Gamification is a booming motivational approach in information systems. Leaderboards play a key role in gamification; however, there are mixed findings regarding the heterogeneous…


Double jeopardy: effects of inter-failures and webcare on (un-)committed online complainants’ revenge

Clemens Hutzinger, Wolfgang J. Weitzl

The purpose of this research is the exploration of online complainants' revenge based on their consumer-brand relationship strength and received webcare. The authors introduce…


Can social interaction-oriented content trigger viewers' purchasing and gift-giving behaviors? Evidence from live-streaming commerce

Qiang Yang, Jiale Huo, Hongxiu Li, Yue Xi, Yong Liu

This study investigates how social interaction-oriented content in broadcasters' live speech affects broadcast viewers' purchasing and gift-giving behaviors and how broadcaster…


Digital platform regulation: opportunities for information systems research

Vincent Heimburg, Manuel Wiesche

Information Systems (IS) research has built up a considerable understanding of digital platform ecosystems, while policymakers worldwide are aiming to introduce platform…


Parental influences on excessive Internet use among adolescents

Conor O'Reilly, Gretta Mohan

Using longitudinal data, this study aims to provide a greater understanding as to how parenting factors, including the employment of various disciplinary techniques, during a…


Legitimizing the game: how gamers' personal experiences shape the emergence of grassroots collective action in esports

Joaquin Cestino, Joseph Macey, Brian McCauley

This paper studies early stages of actor mobilization for institutional change within Swedish esports.

AI governance: themes, knowledge gaps and future agendas

Teemu Birkstedt, Matti Minkkinen, Anushree Tandon, Matti Mäntymäki

Following the surge of documents laying out organizations' ethical principles for their use of artificial intelligence (AI), there is a growing demand for translating ethical…


Riding a bicycle while building its wheels: the process of machine learning-based capability development and IT-business alignment practices

Tomasz Mucha, Sijia Ma, Kaveh Abhari

Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, at its core, Machine Learning (ML) offer opportunities for organizations to develop new or enhance existing capabilities…

Examining technostress and its impact on worker well-being in the digital gig economy

Azka Umair, Kieran Conboy, Eoin Whelan

Online labour markets (OLMs) have recently become a widespread phenomenon of digital work. While the implications of OLMs on worker well-being are hotly debated, little empirical…

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