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The past and beyond of mobile payment research: a development of the mobile payment framework

Lai-Ying Leong, Jun-Jie Hew, Lai-Wan Wong, Binshan Lin

Mobile payment (m-payment) has existed for over 25 years; however, there is no standard framework to guide scholars and practitioners in advancing m-payment research in the…


Mobile payment in omnichannel retailing: dynamics between trust and loyalty transfer processes

Li-Wei Wu, Yun-Chia Tang

This study presents an integrated research model to test the relationships between trust in retailers, trust in mobile payment, loyalty to retailers and loyalty to mobile payment…

Go digital: can the money-gift function promote the use of e-wallet apps?

Xin-Jean Lim, Phillip Ngew, Jun-Hwa Cheah, Tat Huei Cham, Yide Liu

One of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is that using an e-wallet – a contactless process – rather than a payment terminal is an intuitively safer option. This study is…


The impacts of point rewarding and exchanging on users’ loyalty toward mobile payment applications: a dual channeling perspective

Lin Zhang, Yanqing Wang, Muhammad Adeel Anjum, Jingjing Mu

By distinguishing between core business service and value-added service in mobile payment applications, this paper aims to incorporate point mechanisms (point rewarding and point…

Validating the antecedents of customer M-payment loyalty: an empirical investigation

Shalini Nath Tripathi, Nishtha Malik, Nripendra P. Rana, Sushma Vishnani, Shalini Srivastava

The study aims to explore antecedents and consequences of customer experience (CE) by positing a comprehensive framework taking cognizance of customer loyalty (CL), customer…

The super engagers of freemium gamified services: using multimethod approach to examine why highly interactive consumers become paying consumers

Keshav Gupta, Yiran Su, Thilo Kunkel, Daniel Funk

Online services are increasingly utilizing gamification techniques to encourage consumer loyalty and engagement. However, the majority of the gamified services fail to be…

Understanding the differential effectiveness of marketer versus user-generated advertisements in closed social networking sites: an empirical study of WeChat

Teng Teng, Huifang Li, Yulin Fang, Lingzhi Shen

In recent years, closed social networking sites (SNSs) have become popular advertising media. Marketer-generated advertisements (MGAs) and user-generated advertisements (UGAs) are…

The social capital accumulation in the contemporary era

Gloria Hongyee Chan

Traditionally, demographic factors have been recognized as important factors of social capital accumulation. Owing to the differences in social structure and relationships…

Physician's online image and patient's choice in the online health community

Peng Ouyang, Jian-Jun Wang

The impact of image is widely investigated in various research fields. However, its effect in online health communities is rarely studied. In this research, the authors develop a…

More than feelings? How Facebook reaction icons affect online users' behavioral intentions toward online health rumor posts

Jian-Ren Hou, Sarawut Kankham

When the spread of online health rumors on social media causes public concerns, the public is calling for action. However, little study has investigated how Facebook reaction…

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