Internet Research: Volume 32 Issue 5


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Defining online to offline (O2O): a systematic approach to defining an emerging business model

Philip Tin Yun Lee, Feiyu E, Michael Chau

A new business model online to offline (O2O) has emerged in recent years. Similar to many new models at an early stage, O2O has inconsistent definitions which not only inhibit its…

Impacts of platform design on consumer commitment and online review intention: does use context matter in dual-platform e-commerce?

Quan Xiao, Mikko Siponen, Xing Zhang, Fucai Lu, Si-hua Chen, Mingsong Mao

The purpose of this study is to explore the antecedents of consumers’ online review intention in e-commerce platforms from a unique perspective of consumer commitment and platform…


Capturing behavioural outcomes through branded applications: the perspective of the investment model

Timmy H. Tseng, Sara H. Hsieh, Crystal T. Lee

Numerous companies have launched branded applications to foster consumer–brand relationships. Due to fierce competition among branded apps, the retention rate is quite low. The…

The effects of corporate, review and reviewer characteristics on the helpfulness of online reviews: the moderating role of culture

Jungwon Lee, Cheol Park

The authors investigated the effects of the characteristics of reviews, reviewers and corporate factors on review helpfulness and assessed the role of culture in moderating these…

Effects of learning and uncertainty on crowdsourcing performance of solvers: insights from performance feedback theory

Hua (Jonathan) Ye

In crowdsourcing contests, the capabilities and performance of individual workers (solvers) determine whether seeker firms can obtain satisfactory solutions from the platform. It…

Research on the identification of medical service quality factors: based on a data-driven method

Huiying Gao, Shan Lu, Xiaojin Kou

The purpose of this study is to identify medical service quality factors that patients care about and establish a medical service quality evaluation index system by analyzing…

“You are a disgrace and traitor to our country”: incivility against “The Squad” on Twitter

Porismita Borah, Kate Keib, Bryan Trude, Matthew Binford, Bimbisar Irom, Itai Himelboim

For many, the sole source for news content is social media, where passionate opinions are posted at an alarming speed. These opinions can cross the line from differing opinions…

Fake news on the internet: a literature review, synthesis and directions for future research

Yuanyuan Wu, Eric W.T. Ngai, Pengkun Wu, Chong Wu

The extensive distribution of fake news on the internet (FNI) has significantly affected many lives. Although numerous studies have recently been conducted on this topic, few have…


A contemporary view of interpersonal aggression and cyberbullying through ICT: multilevel insights from LMX differentiation

Zubair Akram, Abdul Gaffar Khan, Umair Akram, Saima Ahmad, Lynda Jiwen Song

While the rapid adoption of information communication technologies (ICT) in organizations has been linked with a higher risk of cyberbullying, research on the influence of…

Exploring privacy paradox in contact tracing apps adoption

Sophia Xiaoxia Duan, Hepu Deng

Understanding the privacy concerns of individuals in the adoption of contact tracing apps is critical for the successful control of pandemics like COVID-19. This paper explores…

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