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Musical consumption, self-control and smartphone addiction: a dual-systems theory perspective and evidence from a survey study

Weihong Ning, Fred D. Davis, René Riedl

In the past decade, smartphone adoption has reached almost 100% in industrialized countries, which is predominantly due to advancements in capabilities. Given the increasing…

Internal or external social media? The effects of work-related and social-related use of social media on improving employee performance

Xiayu Chen, Carol Xiaojuan Ou, Robert M. Davison

This study investigates how employees' work- and social-related use of social media can individually and interactively render different impacts on employees' performance in the…


Fear appeal cues to motivate users' security protection behaviors: an empirical test of heuristic cues to enhance risk communication

Jongpil Park, Jai-Yeol Son, Kil-Soo Suh

Firms continue to struggle with end users who do not follow recommended actions for safeguarding information security. Thus, the authors utilize insights gained from studies on…

Effects of visit behavior on online store sales performance: personal computer (PC) versus mobile channels

Peng Luo, Eric W.T. Ngai, Yongli Li, Xin Tian

This study examines the dynamic relationships of visit behavior in the multiple channels [personal computer (PC) and mobile channels] on online store sales performance.

Health-related fake news during the COVID-19 pandemic: perceived trust and information search

Lei Zheng, Jon D. Elhai, Miao Miao, Yu Wang, Yiwen Wang, Yiqun Gan

Health-related online fake news (HOFN) has become a major social problem. HOFN can lead to the spread of ineffective and even harmful remedies. The study aims to understand…


The impacts of ad skip option and ad time display on viewer response to in-stream video ads: the role of perceived control and reactance

Dongwon Choi, Jooyoung Kim

The primary purpose of the current study was to examine how the presence of two digital ad features – an ad skip option and an ad time display, representing behavioral and…


Toward a comprehensive scale of online shopping experiences: a mixed-method approach

Iryna Pentina, Mohammadali Zolfagharian, Aurélia Michaud-Trevinal

The objectives of the paper were to develop a theoretical framework of the online shopping experiences (OSE) concept, identify its constituent dimensions and subdimensions, and…

How does differentiated multichannel collaboration matter? The boom-bust effects on online–offline store images

Yingzhao He, Yan Yu, Meiyun Zuo

Drawing on open systems theory, this study aims to investigate the direct and moderating effects of information collaboration in the pre-sale stage, transaction management…

The role of flow consciousness in consumer regret

Sergio Barta, Raquel Gurrea, Carlos Flavián

This research aims to identify whether subsequent consciousness of having been in a flow state – that is, flow consciousness – regarding an earlier impulse purchase affects…


Co-creation of services: an online network perspective

Reihaneh Bidar, Alistair Barros, Jason Watson

In the co-creation process from a network perspective, service is produced, designed, and evaluated entirely by the actors with dynamic roles and with less participation by the…

Who sells knowledge online? An exploratory study of knowledge celebrities in China

Xiaoyu Chen, Alton Y.K. Chua, L.G. Pee

This study explores identity signaling used by an emerging class of knowledge celebrities in China – Knowledge Wanghong – who sell knowledge products on online platforms. Because…


Influence of trust and risk on peer-to-peer investment willingness: a bidirectional perspective

Mengfan Zhai, Yuan Chen, Mingxia Wei

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of trust and perceived risk on investment willingness considering the bidirectional relationship between trust and…

The effect of shopping channel (online vs offline) on consumer decision process and firm's marketing strategy

Cheng Xu, Jooyoung Park, Jacob C. Lee

This research investigates the novel questions of whether and how specific forms of shopping channels (online vs offline) influence consumers' decision-making. Moreover, this…


Emojis and assertive environmental messages in social media campaigns

Tae Hyun Baek, Seeun Kim, Sukki Yoon, Yung Kyun Choi, Dongwon Choi, Hyejin Bang

The authors aim to examine how emojis interact with assertiveness in social media posts to encourage social media engagement and cooperation in environmental campaigns.


From intuition to intelligence: a text mining–based approach for movies' green-lighting process

Jongdae Kim, Youseok Lee, Inseong Song

The purpose of this paper is to develop a predictive model for box office performance based on the textual information in movie scripts in the green-lighting process of movie…

Asymmetric effect of feature level sentiment on product rating: an application of bigram natural language processing (NLP) analysis

Yun Kyung Oh, Jisu Yi

The evaluation of perceived attribute performance reflected in online consumer reviews (OCRs) is critical in gaining timely marketing insights. This study proposed a text mining…

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