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Towards a unified theory of toxic behavior in video games

Bastian Kordyaka, Katharina Jahn, Bjoern Niehaves

Toxic behavior in multiplayer video games diminishes the potential revenue of gaming companies by spreading a bad mood, negatively affecting game play, and subsequently leading to…


“No piracy talk”: how online brand communities work to denormalize controversial gaming practices

Daiane Scaraboto, Stefânia Ordovás de Almeida, João Pedro dos Santos Fleck

The purpose of this study is to explain how online brand communities work to support the denormalization of controversial (i.e. illegal yet normalized) gaming practices.

Facebook and the cultivation of ethnic diversity perceptions and attitudes

Erik Hermann, Martin Eisend, Tomás Bayón

The purpose of this paper is to apply cultivation theory to social network sites by investigating how Facebook uses cultivates users' ethnic diversity perceptions and attitudes.


To be attractive or to be authentic? How two competing motivations influence self-presentation in online dating

Kun Peng

This paper examines how and why online daters, differentiated by gender, strategically self-present in online dating profiles when pursuing two competing goals: attracting…


Get employees talking through enterprise social media! Reduce cyberslacking: a moderated mediation model

K.S. Nivedhitha, A.K. Sheik Manzoor

While the sizable body of research focusses on various psychological effects of enterprise social media (ESM), research connecting the link between ESM and cyberslacking is still…


Why do borrowers default on online loans? An inquiry of their psychology mechanism

Xiaolun Wang, Yunjie Calvin Xu, Tian Lu, Chenghong Zhang

In the online microloan market, the ability to evaluate the credit risk of borrowers is key to business success. Based on the general strain theory, this study proposes a…

Developing a P2P lending platform: stages, strategies and platform configurations

Cheuk Hang Au, Barney Tan, Yuan Sun

Online Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platforms are becoming increasingly popular globally in recent years. Our knowledge of how to develop and manage the digital platforms that make…


Open collaboration between universities and enterprises: a case study on GitHub

Xiufeng Cheng, Ziming Zhang, Yue Yang, Zhonghua Yan

Social coding platforms (SCPs) have been adopted by scores of developers in building, testing and managing their codes collaboratively. Accordingly, this type of platform (site…

Understanding diffusion of information systems-based services: evidence from mobile banking services

Khawaja A. Saeed, Jingjun (David) Xu

The Bass model is widely used in the literature to capture the diffusion of innovations and shows excellent predictive power in the context of durable goods. However, the model's…

Exploring the mechanism of social media addiction: an empirical study from WeChat users

Xiongfei Cao, Mingchuan Gong, Lingling Yu, Bao Dai

The problematic use of social media progressively worsens among a large proportion of users. However, the theory-driven investigation into social media addiction behavior remains…

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