Internet Research: Volume 3 Issue 4


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Linking the Economic Bulletin Board to the Internet: A Case Study

Ken W. Rogers

Describes the effort to link the US Commerce Department′s BulletinBoard to the Internet. Suggests other government departments can learnfrom the lessons learnt. Addresses…

Appropriate and Distributed Networks: A Model for K‐12 Educational Telecommunications

David R. Hughes

Against Internet, argues the case for a cheaper, lower cost, easierto use network (K‐12) for educational use. Stresses the need forteachers to be technically literate. Underlines…

The Maturation of Norms for Computer‐Mediated Communication

Gregory B. Newby

Takes a broad look at Computer‐Mediated Communication (CMC) norms.Examines some of the simpler procedural norms as well as broader normsfor social behaviour in particular types of…

A National Strategy for Civic Networking: A Vision of Change

Richard Civille

Establishes a vision and a national (USA) strategy for civicnetworking. Encompasses citizen groups, voluntary organizations andlocal government, using an information…

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